FAST AND FIERCE: DEATH RACE- It’s Ride or Die in the New High-Octane Thriller from The Asylum

By: John M Jerva

You gotta love The Asylum. For years, this distribution company of B genre flicks have poured out a bevy of films with names strongly similar to hit blockbuster flicks. I, for one, enjoy some of what they had to offer and here today we have a new flick titled Fast and Fierce: Death Race. See what I mean.

This one has two things going for it. First of all, it’s helmed by Jared Cohn who also directed one of my all time favorite action-horror features in The Horde which starred the awesome as always Paul Logan. Secondly, it features rapper/actor DMX who has starred in some classic actioners like Exit Wounds and Cradle to the Grave so there you go. What more could you want. Check out the new poster and trailer for the movie which hits Digital on May 19th below!

Jack Tyson is a young man partaking in an illegal Mexico to California car race when a desperate woman, fleeing from her abusive gangster boyfriend who is financing the tournament, jumps into his car pleading for his help and who has an incriminating USB drive that could send her thug boyfriend, among others, to prison.

Michael DeVorzon, DMX, Paulina Nguyen, Becca Buckalew and Gigi Gustin star in a Jared Cohn film.

Fast and Fierce : Death Race arrives on digital May 19 from The Asylum.

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