ATOMIC BLONDE 2 in Early Development at Netflix with Charlize Theron Expected to Return

By: John M Jerva

Ever since all news became about the dreaded Coronavirus, I have been making it my personal mission to stay positive and keep the faith with good news and entertaining posts to keep everyone distracted.

With that in mind, I have some rather tasty news courtesy of the site Discussing which drops the word that Netflix is actively developing a sequel to David Leitch’s Atomic Blonde which showcased Charlize Theron as badass MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton who runs a gauntlet of bad guys while on a mission to retrieve a missing list of double agents while investigating the death of an ally.

The film, which brandished action sequences by the 87Eleven Action Design team, was a heart stopping and high-octane flick fueled by Theron’s performance and a bevy of bone crunching action sequences.

According to the article, Theron is set to return as well as produce along with returning producer Beth Kono via her Denver and Delilah Productions banner. Netflix is now in negotiations to distribute the sequel which would be a big score once again.

This news coincides with what Leitch talked about in an interview with SlashFilm where he mentioned that a streaming service was interested in acquiring the rights to the film to make a follow up.

“I think there is [still talk of a sequel]. A streaming service is into it. I don’t know all the details. I was a work-for-hire on that movie, but at the end of the day, Kelly McCormick – my producing partner and my wife – she will be involved, I’m sure, as a producer. That’s how I got the gig in the first place. We’ll see.”

From Leitch’s statement, he probably won’t be directly involved so we will see what happens on that front and the project is in the very early stages with no screen writer even attached yet.

Netflix is fighting the streaming wars with all guns blazing as they have and currently are developing big blockbuster type films starring major celebrities. 6 Underground with Ryan Reynolds, Red Notice with The Rock, Reynolds and Gal Gadot and the upcoming Zack Snyder helmed Army Of The Dead with Dave Bautista are just a few. Extraction with Chris Hemsworth is also set to debut on the streaming giant on April 24th so action fans are certainly getting their action fix on.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to drop on this developing story. In the meantime, watch Theron take out the trash in the fierce and brutal stairwell fight from the original!


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