Scott Adkins Confirms that Principal Photography has Halted on CASTLE FALLS

By: John M Jerva

At this point it’s needless to say how much the recent Coronavirus scare has impacted our lives as well as the entertainment industry which has seen a slew of production halts and cinema shutdowns in the wake of the pandemic that has gripped the world.

Action star Scott Adkins recently took to social media to confirm that shooting on his newest thriller Castle Falls which teams him once again with action legend Dolph Lundgren has ceased shooting in Alabama.

Adkins stated: We just had to go on hiatus from filming Castle Falls with @dolphlundgren and @timman79 on fight coordinator duties. Shooting in Alabama in the States which was one of the least affected states as of a couple weeks ago but this thing has escalated very quickly. Look after each other. Check on your elderly neighbours and see if you can help them in these difficult times. We WILL get through this together.

Adkins shared the message in a special video which seldom included action maestro Tim Man who is serving as the film’s fight coordinator once again. Check out Adkins and Man in the video below!

The new film which was just announced via The Hollywood Reporter 4 weeks ago will see Adkins play “Mike, a struggling fighter forced to take on a foreman job at a local condominium that is set to be demolished. With just eight hours before the building, strapped with dynamite, is destroyed, two vicious local gangs, one led by Shea (Lundgren), break in to retrieve millions of dollars stowed away in one of the apartments. When Mike stumbles across the money, a game of cat and mouse ensues.”

Lundgren is also directing the film which will hopefully still make it to release early next year but we will have to wait and see on that front.

Keep it locked and loaded right here as more details will surely drop in the next comig weeks and as soon as we get our first look footage of this epic showdown, you will see it here as we are your source for everything action!!!! Stay safe everyone!

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