BLOOD HUNTERS: Director Vincent Soberano’s Demonic Martial Arts Epic Hits Digital on March 17th!

By: John M Jerva

I’ve been waiting to check this one out for a while and now I’ll be able to as filmmaker Vincent Soberano’s (The TRIGONAL) martial arts flick Blood Hunters: Rise of the Hybrids is set to hit Digital Platforms in a few weeks.

The film has successfully made the festival rounds with excellent word of mouth and now a lager audience will be able to partake in the brutal and unrelenting fight flick that packs a massive bite. Check out the poster and images below!

Official Synopsis Courtesy of Mr. Soberano: In an alternate world much like our own, fearsome vampiric creatures terrorize the lands and people live in fear. Mercenaries called Blood Hunters are employed by a dubious scientific firm to hunt down these creatures and extract their vampire blood for the purposes of weaponizing them. Gabriela Chen is a former cop-turned-rogue hunter in search of the Aswang beast that killed her family, Naga. After an unsuccessful fight with Naga and the Kapre (Tree Giant) warlord, Gundra, she is rescued and brought back to a remote jungle training facility of a group of Blood Hunters called the Slayers. They are soon joined by a hybrid (half-human, half-Aswang) now on a vengeance trail, using syringes of Aswang blood to enhance his strength and survive. After the death of an Aswang queen, former Blood Hunter leader injected her blood into his own veins, transforming into a monstrous hybrid, eventually propagating a new breed of Aswang as his own army. Vanguarded by his lieutenants and a distant dark horse in the midst, their plan is to do destroy the Slayers including the avenging hunters, to curb and undermine mankind’s chances against their elusive and growing threat.

The cast includes martial arts powerhouses Sarah Chang and Ian Ingnacio who both also starred in Soberano’s The TRIGONAL. Also starring are Soberano himself as well as Monsour Del Rosario, Roxanne Barcelo, and Mayling Ng who will also be seen in The Debt Collector 2 with Adkins and Mandylor.

The trailer features the right amount of ass kicking to thoroughly get action fans in the mood and the talent involved will most certainly deliver the bone crunching goods.

Blood Hunters hits Digital including Amazon, Vimeo on Demand, FlixFling, Vudu, and FANDANGO on March 17th so get ready for an underworld war!

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