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DEAD END: DEAD MAN WALKING- The Contractor is Back in the Third Entry in the Action Short Film Series!

By: John M Jerva

Last year, I was turned on to a series of short films which starred action heavyweight Bryan Larkin who was seen in I Am Vengeance as well as other films like London Has Fallen and to my delight, these short films were action drenched and taut in their storytelling. The films are called Dead End and Dead End 2: A Justified Kill and with that we now have our third entry in the series titled Dead End: Dead Man Walking which further tells the story of Larkin’s character known as The Contractor. Check out the poster and trilogy trailer tease below!

Official Synopsis: The Contractor returns to his roots after an assignment proved more complicated than anticipated. His new Handler must prevent further bloodshed and uncover a global human trafficking ring claiming the lives of thousands across Asia.

Returning from the previous two installments is Julian Gaertner who like Larkin has a vague name and is known only as The Young Gun. Also starring here are Rebecca Yeo, Tony Greengrass & Greg Burridge who took on Scott Adkins in Avengement. Ross Boyask who helmed I Am Vengeance which featured Larkin takes his turn in directing the third entry.

I really enjoyed the first two entries and will be whipping up reviews of all of the installments in the near future once I check out the third film. These short films offer up some truly action packed and tightly paced viewing experiences and it makes me long for longer full length films with The Contractor, these other characters and this universe. With shorter running times, action shorts get to the good stuff quickly and here is no exception.

Larkin has a true action genre presence and really should be headlining action films for years to come. He’s a beat in the action scenes and dominates when on screen. Dead End: Dead Man Walking will most likely hit the festival circuit in the future so expect more to come on this one.

In the meantime, check out the trailer and a behind the scenes video below!