COSMIC SIN: Bruce Willis Enlists for the the New Sci-Fi Action Film

By: John M Jerva

After years of doing cameos and supporting roles in straight to video flicks, one time Hollywood Star Bruce Willis is finally stepping into the lead role once again for a new sci-fi action/thriller titled Cosmic Sin.

The news comes via Deadline which says that The Exchange will officially launch international sales at the upcoming EFM.

The plot via Deadline “will follow a group of warriors and scientists who must fight to protect and save their race when a hostile alien species with the power to infect and take over human hosts sets its sights on a futuristic human society.”

Cosmic Sin will hail from writers and directors Corey Large and Edward Drake and it is now in pre-production. Large is best known for serving as executive producer on films like The November Man and It Follows. Both Large and Drake also worked on the Bruce Willis film Breach as writers and the film is currently in post-production as we speak.

Willis has also completed work on the Emmett-Furla films Open Source and Survive The Night so here’s hoping these upcoming films feature Willis in roles worthy of the one time action king.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come on Cosmic Source and more!

Source: Deadline-

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