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ENTER THE FAT DRAGON: Donnie Yen Dishes Out a Ton of Justice in the Official US Trailer!

By: John M Jerva

The coronavirus might have put a cramp on the official release of Donnie Yen’s Enter The Fat Dragon in Chinese theaters and rightfully so but the film is seeing a great deal of success as it hit streaming platforms instead. Yen gives a great tribute to the Sammo Hung classic and now we have the official US domestic trailer courtesy of Well Go USA for you to feast your eyes on. Check out the large and in charge action master in true form below!

Official Synopsis: Sent to Japan on a routine police escort, Officer Zhu is excited to have the chance to requalify for full time duty as a police officer. However, after a series of mishaps, the mission goes terribly wrong and the suspect Officer Zhu is escorting suffers a mysterious death. Zhu enlists the help of wok-wielding restaurant owner and a former undercover inspector to solve this murder mystery in the new best action comedy movie from martial arts superstar Donnie Yen.

The film will officially hit select cinemas here in North America on Valentines Day February 14th and nothing says happy love day like a robust Donnie Yen laying the smack down on the criminals.

Starring along with Yen are Niki Chow, Teresa Mo, Wong Jing and Naoto Takenaka. Peep at the new trailer below and hopefully a Blu-Ray and Digital release is right around the corner as well!

Check out a pleasantly plump but still lethal Donnie Yen move just as good as he ever did in the Official Trailer as well as some new pics from Well Go USA!

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