The Coronavirus Outbreak Forces Donnie Yen’s New Film JIDI SOUJIU (AKA Polar Search and Rescue) to Halt Production

By: John M Jerva

International action and martial arts star Donnie Yen can take on anybody and anything it seems but even Yen cannot take on the Coronavirus outbreak that is plaguing China and some other parts of the world.

Yen recently began production on a new rescue film called Jidi Soujiu which is also known as Polar Search and Rescue in China but the outbreak has forced the production to come to a standstill with principle photography not expected to resume until late this year.

The news comes via the website Asian Film Strike who also posted the news on Twitter with an official picture you can see below.

This means that the film will be delayed substantially as it would have most likely been released next year so now it’ll probably see a release until 2021 most likely depending on when they resume.

Fear not Donnie Yen fans, the action maestro still has plenty of action cinema goodness coming out with Enter The Fat Dragon hitting North American theaters on February 14th as well as the Hong Kong cop thriller Raging Fire coming as well.

Yen will also be seen in Disney’s live action adaptation of MULAN which will hit theaters on March 27th. Yen is also supposed to make a big screen adaptation of the video game Sleeping Dogs so we will see what comes of that. Maybe he will make that one instead as he waits to resume on Jidi Soujiu.

Keep it locked and loaded right here as we are your source for everything action and Donnie Yen!

Source: AFS

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