THE BRAVEST: Sony Drops a Rip Roaring U.S. Trailer for the Firefighter Epic from Director Tony Chan!

By: John M Jerva

Sony Pictures has just dropped an adrenaline laced new U. S. Trailer for the Chinese Firefighter epic The Bravest from director Tony Chan. I recently shared the international tease a few weeks back along with the poster and now you can check out the new North American trailer below!

Official Synopsis: When the oil pipeline in the city harbor explodes due to a calculation error, a disgraced Chief Firefighter must put the past aside and team up with his former rookie in order to save the city.

The Bravest, the film was helmed by Tony Chan from a script written by Chan as well as Yu Yonggan and it features a cast that includes Xiaoming Huang (The Message), Jiang Du (Operation Red Sea), Zhuo Tan (Dying to Survive), also starring Zi Yang (Ode to Joy) and Hao Ou (The Left Ear).

Hong Kong action cinema is most notably known for its blistering crime sagas and martial arts action extravaganzas but they also do the disaster sub genre quite well also.

The Bravest will hit Digital on January 14th so by all means, check out the ultimate heroics on the new promo below!

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