Dan’s Movie Report 2019 Year End Action Recap!

By: Danny Templegod

Greetings valued Dan’s Movie Report and Action-Flix.com readers. 2019 has come to a close, and what  a year for action, big budget and indie alike have really exploded. With the two major franchises, The Avengers and Star Wars coming to a close, Disney is riding an all time high, not to mention perhaps the greatest Star Wars property of all time The Mandalorian, resurrecting the talents of Gina Carano! Speaking of Disney, the acquisition of FOX mires the waters, especially for properties like Deadpool and other R rated entities like the Alien series. Disney does distribute R rated properties outside the USA and CANADA but, the huge question is will they maintain the family friendly order in the plight of hugely successful R rated films. 

On the independent circuit, director Jesse V. Johnson unleashed several great films including Triple Threat and Avengement. Actor Scott Adkins has become more prolific, starring in a bunch of films, including the second installment of The Debt Collector.

Scott Adkins and Louis Mandylor in The Debt Collector 2

Special thanks to actresses Janice Hung and Nina Bergman, both have exploded on the scene with a variety of new projects. Look for a Nina Bergman autographed contest in 2020! Congrats to actress JuJu Chan on her successful take as Zan in the new show Wu Assassins, and her marriage to action director Antony Szeto. Watch for more of them exclusively on Dan’s Movie Report and Action-Flix.com.

Danny with Nina Bergman

In production now is a new film directed by James Man called ‘Loser is Winner.’  Producer Bey Logan will provide exclusive photos and videos from the production, Actresses Victoria Kant, Connie Song, and Li Ran get in the ring for some boxing action! For a tease, actress Victoria Kant does a shout out to Dan’s Movie Report. 

2020 should be a spectacular year for action! With the release of the Black Widow film Marvel is ushering in the new phase 4 of production. As Marvel progresses without Stan Lee, it will be interesting to see how Disney handles the new Deadpool 3Daredevil is supposedly getting a fresh reboot in 2022 when all of the properties revert back to Disney from Netflix, I am hoping that the all of the original series are somehow archived for full Blu-Ray releases.

May 1st, 2020!

The war for content online is heating up and it seems that Netflix is holding steadfast to not giving theaters their window for release, while Disney will still maintain the 90 day window. Netflix could easily split the difference, releasing a theatrical cut, giving the 90 day window, then allowing subscribers to have the new director’s cut with special features. I think this is the one huge glaring omission from Netflix. When you go to the theater, you get a movie, and that is it. Why can’t Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ put the special features of the film online, this way people will be driven to the service to watch it, if they A) Never saw the film in the theaters or B) really liked the film, and want to know more. Amazon gets it right as they allow viewers to see who is on the screen at a given time, and often have a huge amount of bonus content with photos and videos. 

I am super excited to see the completion and eventual releases of the ‘Boss Level’ Film starring Mel Gibson, Michelle Yeoh, Frank Grillo and Selina Lo. Look for a February release and later in the year. Selina gets to use her swords and get crazy! Simon West brings the Asian version of Tomb Raider to light with ‘Legend Hunters.’ Actress Celina Jade takes on the Angelina Jolie Role and actor Ron Smoorenburg plays a prominent villain. Jesse V. Johnson’s new film The Mercenary unleashes January 7th from Evolutionary Films! 

Finally, I encourage people to go out and buy films or at least go to a theater at least once a month to experience a film. Indie films really rely on sales, a great example is The Debt Collector. The Jesse V. Johnson film was a surprise hit, and sold many copies, since it was only 10 dollars at Walmart I bought a few for gifts. These sales and numbers allowed Jesse, and Scott Adkins to complete a second film which will release in 2020.  When the producers see numbers on a film they are encouraged to spend money on the people making them!

About The Author: Danny Templegod is the owner and operator of the all exclusive Dan’s Movie Report and is a part time contributor for Action-Flix.com

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