Action Legend Dolph Lundgren Finally Dons the Iconic PUNISHER Skull!

By: John M Jerva

I’m a product of the 80’s and most notably 80’s action movies and one of my personal favorites has to be the 1989 classic The Punisher which starred action legend Dolph Lundgren in the First ever film adaptation of the Gun toting Marvel vigilante. Although the film is great, this biggest complaint among fans was that Lundgren never wore the iconic skull on his chest.

All of that has been rectified as Lundgren has finally put on the classic symbol after doing an interview with the folks over at The Launchpad Podcast where they ceremoniously recreated two classic Punisher comic book covers with one being the first ever appearance of Frank Castle in The Amazing Spider-Man as well as one from the great Max comic series. Check out Lundgren below with the original versions next to the new pics! Now if only he had dyed his hair black again, it would have been perfect.

During the interview, Lundgren talked about his famous turn as Castle and also talked about doing another cult classic based on an 80’s property Masters Of The Universe. You can hear the entire interview on The Launchpad Pod cast here:

On the podcast social media sites, it was noted that the above recreation images with Lundgren “wouldn’t be this awesome without Aaron McLane and Erik Rose ( doing the digital work and photos by Krista Mosowitz (on Twitter @CA_Stella)!”

I did a post for Lundgren’s version of The Punisher on my old site, so it might be time to do it again on my new Action Rewind section where I talk about classic action flicks and this one certainly needs to be put in the hall of fame.

Check out Dolph in all his 80’s action glory from the 1989 epic below!