Stallone Drops The 411 on Why He Chose to Not Direct RAMBO: LAST BLOOD

With the release of the red band trailer yesterday, Action fans are now in a tizzy with only one day left until Rambo: Last Blood unleashes in theaters. The film looks down and dirty brutal and it certainly has the feel of the last entry where Sly took out a whole army in Burma.

With the release this week, Stallone has been doing a lot of press for the film and he recently talked about why he made the final decision to not helm this one and why he chose Adrian Grunberg. Check out Sly’s comments below!

“Yeah, it was just a matter of timing. I was working on something else. But with Adrian [Grunberg], I saw what he did before and I knew he’d be a good partner — that if there were suggestions to be made as to, you know, this or that may not work. It was very good because obviously he worked very, very, very hard. But he was amenable to keeping it in the same, I guess, the same sort of look. I remember I had a problem when I had to take it over for John [Avildsen] in Rocky. So I’m directing Rocky II, and I realize I have to keep this similar style because it’s this direct cut. Rocky leaves the ring and he’s in the hospital. So I directed kind of like John Avildsen. And then it worked fine.”

Stallone went on to further explain how Grunberg’s style was perfect: “With Adrian, he used his style but he stayed pretty close to the last one that was in Burma, which I think was good. I wouldn’t want all of a sudden jump into some very dramatic change. Like a Darren Aronofsky. Who I think is a great director. But that would would’ve been like, ‘Wow, what a shock!’ You know what I mean?”

At any rate, the film looks old school bad ass kick ass and Sly is in top form even though he’s in his 70’s. As a lifelong fan, I’m excited to the Max and this weekend will rain the blood of his enemies and when the dust settles, no one will be left standing. I wait impatiently for my viewing. This time, they’ve gone after his family so the Savage is about to be released!

Rambo: Last Blood opens tomorrow night. Check out the awesome red band trailer one more time!

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