If your a fan of 80’s and 90’s action cinema, then your a fan of veteran go to villain of that era Matthias Hues. The martial artist, actor and bodybuilder was a staple of the films of that era where action ruled the cinemas and video markets. Hues was the villain who took on the best of the best including Dolph Lundgren in the classic sci-fi thriller I Come In Peace, Billy Blanks In Talons Of The Eagle, Lorenzo Lamas In Bounty Tracker and Jeff Wincott In Mission Of Justice to name just a few of my favorites. You name them and Hues has fought them.

Now he’s telling all his crazy stories in s brand new memoir called Shirtless In Hollywood And we have your first look at the cover of his new book courtesy of the fine folks over at Arrow In The Head.

In regards to his new book, here’s what Hues has to say:

Welcome to my world in Hollywood. A world that I had set out to conquer with my eyes on the prize to become a movie star.  A road traveled and spiked with events and hair raising experiences that make you wonder?  Would you believe that there is a catch when the most potent deal maker in Hollywood says to you that you will be the most significant action star in Hollywood?  
What would you do, if you went on a date with one of the most famous women in the world? Who do you think pays for it and how much would such a night cost?  Ever wondered if the indecent proposal is just a movie or is the 1 million dollar price tag the going rate in Hollywood for a one-nighter?  Do you want to know what it feels like it to be a high stakes gambler in Las Vegas, residing in penthouse suites with private rooftop pools while placing $5,000 chips per hand and not spending one dollar from your pocket?  

Did you know there are exotic rulers in this world who keep deadly secrets while harboring wealth beyond everyone’s reach or imagination while at the same time rubbing elbows with the most famous people in the world? So why would one of them contact me, a Hollywood actor on Twitter before she finds herself kidnapped and disposed of in a mental institution? Do powerful gangsters have an affinity for Hollywood? It makes you wonder why an actor would be flown via Helicopter into the lair of the most notorious biker group in the world “The Hells Angels.”    
Just sit back and enjoy a first-hand look into my Hollywood world of glitter, power, fame, and fortune. A world where serious and talented artists flock in from around the world with dreams of making it to the top. A world I live in which is barely separated and yet vastly shared with hustlers, con artists, wannabes, endless broken hearts and dreams. 
A place I call home, where we all reside together and where in many cases happy endings are usually only found in massage parlors.  A place where all my dreams came true and I ended up on the silver screen able to entertain you amazing people, hopefully, the ones reading now my story.  With love and passion… Matthias.”

This book is a must have if you’re a serious action freak and you’ll be able to purchase the book From Amazon.com starting on September 1st!

I also had the distinct honor in interviewing Matthias for the film Black Rose a few years back in which he started with Alexander Nevsky. Check out the full interview here: https://action-flix.com/2019/05/31/the-action-flix-exclusive-interview-action-legend-matthias-hues-reprint/

While you wait patiently for the memoir, check out Matthias in action from the awesome TC-2000 where he takes on Billy Blanks and the legendary Bolo Yeung!

Source: Arrow In The Head- https://www.joblo.com/horror-movies/news/exclusive-matthias-hues-of-i-come-in-peace-pens-hollywood-memoir

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