(Original Publication Date: June 17th, 2018) By: John M Jerva


Starring: Scott Adkins, Aaron McCusker, Michelle Lehane, Dominic Power, Vahidin Prelic and Lukas Loughran

DIRECTED BY: Eric Zaragoza


Synopsis: The International Space Station is now a prison – the ultimate black site. No one’s getting out. And no one knows it’s there. But when the imprisoned terrorists take over the Station and turn it into a missile aimed at Moscow, only a shuttle pilot and a rookie doctor can stop them. Their task is complicated by a rogue CIA agent (Scott Adkins) who has his own plans for the station and the terrorists within.

THE REVIEW: To know me is to know that I am a die hard Scott Adkins fan and have been ever since I first saw him in 2003’s SPECIAL FORCES and I pretty much love every film that he is in. Scott is one of the actors that makes anything he is in a million times better and all he has to do is grace the screen and the film and is all the better for it. Usually, when I review a Scott Adkins film I always give it my highest recommendation and then some. Well folks, I am here today to tell you that the trend has stopped as Incoming is a mediocre sci-fi action flick that is saved by the presence of the action star. In Scott’s defense, he plays a really interesting character named Reiser, who is a ruthless CIA agent. Though out the film, you aren’t quite sure if he’s a good guy or bad guy but you do know that he will eventually kick some ass and indeed he does. 


Incoming isn’t a bad film it just isn’t a great film and Adkins deserves a lot better. The film essentially tells the story of a CIA black site located high above the Earth on a space station that no one knows about. A sinister terrorist organization named the Wolfpack has launched a series of attacks with the latest being an attack on London where the iconic Big Ben has been destroyed. Some of the group’s members have been incarcerated on the station including Argun played by Vahidin Prelic. Reiser wants to know which one of the prisoners is the head of the snake and responsible for the attack. He is joined by a rookie doctor named Stone (Lehane) who is there to check on the status of the prisoners and shuttle pilot Bridges (McCusker) who really is bored with his job. When the prisoners escape from their cells, Reiser and the group must out think and outsmart them while trying to stay one step ahead of the killers. 

The first half of the film is essentially set up where we get to meet all the characters and learn that no one really likes anyone very much. Normally I am a fan with set up but in this case, it is kind of dull and I was just waiting for the action to kick in. During the second half of the film, the action does commence and we are treated to some of Scott’s top tier fighting abilities as he takes on the inmates in brutal matches that will satisfy his fans. One highlight of the film is a cool knife fight that delivers the goods. The only problem is that there is a twist to the plot that I won’t mention and Scott deserves so much better a fate in his films. 


The rest of the cast does okay but i thought the character of Stone was kind of incompetent and not very sympathetic at all and McCusker plays the usual “I Don’t Care” type who must change his thinking to survive. As a good guy, he really wasn’t that interesting. The best part of the film besides Adkins was the prisoners led by Prelic. Even though they were bad, you could see where they were coming from as they are constantly tortured and emotionally scarred by their captors. 

Adkins usually plays the hero but it was refreshing to see him play a rather brutal and stone cold character. I had a feeling about him from the start and I was right when the reveal came about. Like I said earlier, bad or good, he deserved a lot better at the end of the film. 

First time director Eric Zaragoza does the best with what he is given and he was fortunate enough to have a star like Adkins for his directorial debut. Up until now, he has only helmed short films but he does an admirable job in his debut effort. 

Incoming is a lower budget Sci-Fi film and while normally that’s not a bad thing, you could tell that that the CGI was sub par and the sets were limited to the dreary space station that they are on. I do have to give props to Alexander Bornstein who created the music for the film. It does have quite an epic feel to it and it heightens the intensity of the fight scenes. 


All in all, Incoming is purely for die hard Scott Adkins fans (Like me). I am a purist so I, of course, have added to my collection but will probably watch it in the future only for him and the fight scenes. If he wasn’t in the film, then it would have been a lot more forgettable. Check out all of his other great films like the recent Accident Man and The Debt Collector for an Action-Flix Approved good time. If you are a fan of Adkins then give it a view but if not, then walk on by. There is nothing else to see here.


INCOMING is now available on iTunes and Amazon.Com


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