Director n Thijs Meuwese made waves a few years back with his female centric driven sci-fi thriller Molly which received much deserved accolades on the film festival circuit and now the director is back with his newest offering titled Kill Mode which just recently dropped a rather tasty teaser trailer. Sample the goods below along with some BTS images courtesy of the IMDb!

Official Synopsis: In a gritty near future, an ex freedom fighter reluctantly jumps back into the fold after discovering a disturbing secret that could bring down the company that owns the world.

Meuwese also penned the script which derives from a short story idea of his and it reunites him with his Molly actress Julia Batelaan and also stars Dave Mantel, Yasmin Blake and Cyriel Guds.

Burt RuttemanDave MantelJulia BatelaanKris PatmoShilton Chelius, and Yasmin Blake in Kill Mode

Daan ColijnMareille LabohmAndre DongelmansWesley MutsaarsGeoffrey ThompsonRein van Duivenboden, and Cyriel Guds in Kill Mode

Kill Mode will debut at the Totonto International Film Festival where Raven Banner Entertainment will be selling the film for distribution but I’m guessing that somebody will snatch this one up in a heartbeat for all of us to enjoy. Check out the action drenched footage below!


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