FLIGHT RISK: KIDNAP Helmer Luis Prieto is Taking the Action to the Skies in the New Thriller from Scribes Chad Law and Shane Dax Taylor!

This news actually hit on May 17th but I was on vacation in sunny Panama City, Florida so I thought I’d post it now to keep the hype train moving on it. Action-Flix favorite Chad Law is back and this time he’s tackling a very dangerous in air situation in his newest creation tilted Flight Risk which he co-wrote with Shane Dax Taylor. the film is moving along and it appears that Kidnap and Pusher director Luis Prieto will be sitting in the director’s chair for this one. Prieto helmed the 2017 thriller Kidnap which starred Halle Berry and now he’s rewadying o take the action to the skies.


The official synopsis for Flight Risk deals with “a group of strangers who wake up with amnesia on a bullet-ridden plane, which is running on autopilot. They have no idea who they are, how they got there or who they can trust.”

Law and Taylor also collaborated on 2015’s Isolation as well as Scott Adkin’s low budget action epic Close Range. The film will be produced by  Robert Aaronson and Automatic Media’s Ray Haboush while Robert Halmi and Jim Reeve of Great Poin will be serving as executive producer’s on the film.

In a recent interview, Prieto talked about directing the new thriller and said that he was “immediately hooked by the brilliant concept at the heart of this project, and excited by the possibilities for an amazing cinematic experience.”

Producers Aaronson and Haboush also weighed in on the film, “We were convinced from the very beginning that Luis would be the perfect director for this white-knuckle ride of a movie.”

No other details are known at this time about the project but you can bet that I will be all over this one and in the meantime, check out my two exclusive interviews with Chad Law below for his other films Daylight’s End and Black Water!



Source: Variety

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