Are Sue and French Making a Comeback in a Sequel To THE DEBT COLLECTOR?!

Don’t call it a comeback! Well this might be the biggest surprise of the day or any day for that matter especially with how the first film ended but it looks like Scott Adkin’s Frenchy (sorry just French) and Louis Mandylor’s Sue are primed for a comeback as Mandylor posted a rather juicy Instagram message with a video of the two stars on the set of the first The Debt Collector. Check out the post below!

In the post, Mandylor stared, “Rumor has it Sue and Frenchy, sorry just French, are at it again…Bigger Badder!!! August- LA who wants some!” Sounds like confirmation to me!

This is certainly welcome news but if you saw the original film…Spoilers… both Sue and French looked in really bad shape after getting shot numerous times in an awesome climatic firefight at the end of the Jesse V. Johnson helmed action-thriller. It was certainly a bleak finish to the movie but Hey this is the movies so anything can happen.

The first film was a killer mix of action, heavy drama and great humor with Adkins and Mandylor having some serious chemistry together in one of the best buddy action pics that has been released in a long time.

This will mark the seventh time that Adkins and Johnson will have collaborated together and the dye are pretty much unstoppable as they continue to put out some of the best the action genre has to offer like Triple Threat, Accident Man And their best work yet, Avengement which just came out in both North America and the UK and has been receiving solid reviews from critics and fans alike.

Check out my original review of The Debt Collector here!

In the sequel, lets hope that our two unlikely heroes have a better outing then they did the last time (yeah, probably not) but you can be sure that the movie will be packed with the usual brutal action and snappy one liners that we get from this band of mischief makers.

I’m all over this one and will certainly drop any and all juicy info on it so keep it locked and loaded as it looks like Sue and French are getting ready to ride again! Who wants some more?!!!

In the meantime, partake in one of the many epic scenes from the original below!

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