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355: Jessica Chastain Shares a Special Video as Production has Started On the Female Led Action Spy-Thriller!

Production is now underway on the new female driven spy action-thriller 355v which sees Zero Dark Thirty and Dark Phoenix star Jessica Chastain headlining in a film that will be in the same mold as the Mission:Impossible and Jason Bourne franchises. Chastain is in good company for this one as the rest of the cast includes Penelope Cruz, Diane Kruger, Fan Bingbing, and Lupita Nyong’o. The film will center on the cast who play international agents who are tasked with high profile missions.

With filming now commencing, Chastain took to Twitter to post a video commemorating the event. Take a look at the video below!

Ironically, Chastain pitched the idea for 355 to director Simon Kinberg when both of them were doing the ill received Dark Phoenix. Something tells me that this film will fair better once released. Kinberg is helming the projectw, from a script written by Theresa Rebeck, which sees Chastain prepping for the action by doing weapons and hand to hand combat training.

Chastain talked about bringing the project to life just recently in an interview.

“When Simon and I were making X-MEN, I had this idea of doing a female-ensemble action film,” Chastain was quoted as saying. “So, I called all the actresses and we are the studio; everyone owns the film. Now we’re makin’ it!”

355 also features MCU veteran Sebastian Stan and Edgar Ramerez who will fill out the male portion of the action flick.

Chastain came up with the idea for 355 while doing research for her role in Zero Dark Thirty.

 “When I was preparing for Zero Dark Thirty, I had incredible resources working in the CIA I got to learn from,” Chastain said. “We have a consultant in our film that has a lot of knowledge in espionage. This title came from one of the conversations I had with him. Agent 355 was the code name of a female spy during the American Revolution. She was one of the very first spies for the United States, and her identity is still unknown. For a lot of women who work in the CIA and other organizations like that, Code 355 is a universal slang term for female spy. It’s the invisible woman who was never named.”

Kinberg also stressed that the film will be a true ensemble effort with all the participants getting their chance to shine on camera. “It won’t be as hyperbolic as some franchises, and unlike the other films that revolve around one main character, the goal here is the true ensemble, all these characters who have their own distinct traits, histories — fully formed and complex characters with equal weight in the film. That’s unique, as is having all female spies. We are digging into the reality of spy craft today. There are all kinds of things that seem out of a Jame Bond  or even a sci-fi movie, but the technology is so advanced that it’s real. Having someone who knows that reality informing the script has been really helpful.

355 certainly has the makings of a true action classic and I just want to go on the record by saying that I hope they get the action right unlike some of the other films that were mentioned earlier. I feel the success of the film will strive from the chemistry of all the participants and the action set pieces so here’s hoping they have learned from the mistakes of others and they truly craft an action-thriller worthy of this star power.

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Source: Twitter

Photo and Interview Source: JoBlo.com

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