The Rock, Statham And Elba Bring it for HOBBS AND SHAW!

August 2nd cannot get her fast enough and as the highly anticipated Fast And Furious spin- off Hobbs And Shaw is all systems go in terms of publicity now, all three stars of the film, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jason Statham And Idris Elba, sat down with the fine folks over at Entertainment Weekly where they chatted up the new, high-octane film and took part in a photo shoot that only they could do. Check out what they had to say along with some action drenched photos from the shoot!

In the article for EW taken on the set of the film back in January, The Rock talks about working with Statham and how he’s always switching things up and keeping the Brit on his toes, “Jason loves to come to set extremely prepared, lines locked in. I do too, but then I also come [as] a massive pain-in-the-ass headache for Jason because I’m like, ‘Okay, I’ve got this other idea! Take what you learned and throw it out the window! So how about we do this…’  In the article for EW taken on the set of the film back in January, The Rock talks about working with Statham and how he’s always switching things up.”

Statham was interviewd later on and added his thoughts on his relationship with Johnson. “I think me and Dwayne share a very similar sense of humor. The only difference in us is the amount of weight he pushes when he’s doing a bench press.”

Statham also talked about his character of Deckard Shaw and how his ex-SAS operative has changed in the audience’s eye. “I think Shaw was sort of misunderstood when he first came on to the screen in the early Fast & Furiouses, and as we start to unravel what he’s all about, we come to understand that he really isn’t a villain, but you don’t need to get on the wrong side of him. He’s very resourceful, and he’s quite an intense character.”

The newcomer to the Fast And Furious franchise is Idris Elba who headlines the spin-off as the former Bristish agent turned cyberbetically enhanced terroriswt Brixton. “I’ve been a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise, as is everyone. It’s sort of the ultimate escapism. And I love cars. I’m a bit of a motorhead. And then, of course, I get to play this really complex bad guy.”

“You kind of almost want to like him, but he’s on the wrong side of the law all the time,” Elba continues. “For me, the most complex [character] to play is someone that’s hideous and violent but has qualities that make you go, ‘Oh! He could be a nice guy if only he wouldn’t shoot so many people!’”

Hobbs And Shaw is, of course, helmed by action master David Leitch from John Wick and Deadpool 2 and to have the expert stunt and fight wizard at the helm, expect some pretty crazy action set pieces. When interviewed for the piece, Leitch offered his take on both Hobbs and Shaw. “Shaw’s like a precision driver, and he’s very purposeful, [with] minimal movements. He’s a guy with a forward-thinking plan. And then you have Dwayne’s character, Hobbs, who’s a man of brute force and muscle.”

This one looks off the hook and with two of the world’s biggest action stars teaming up for one firepower, fisticuffs filled apocalyptic slug fest, this one is destined for greatness.

For the full interview at EW click here and check out all the trailers for Hobbs And Shaw below and get ready for August 2nd because the “Ice Cold Can of Whoop Ass” and the “Champagne Problem” are about to go ballistic!!!

Official Trailer #1
Official Trailer #2

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