STRAPPED: Scott Adkins and Director Isaac Florentine are Set for the New MMA Thriller! (Reprint)

(Original Publication Date: May 9th, 2019) By: John M Jerva

It has literally been minutes since I posted the news that action star Scott Adkins has started filming his new thriller LEGACY OF LIES and now I have even more great news as Screen Daily has dropped the 411 that Adkins is reuniting with director Isaac Florentine yet again for the ninth time for a new MMA thriller named STRAPPED. The film which will start shooting soon is headed for the Cannes Film Festival and the Santa Monica based Myriad Pictures will finance and launch international sales at the yearly event. 

Per Screen Daily: Strapped follows a former Mixed Martial Artist who sets out to retrieve his championship belt after he loses it in a brutal robbery. His mission brings him face-to-face not only with the villain behind the attack, but also the heart of his own dark past. Production is set to commence in autumn.

Florentine, who recently wrapped production on the action-thriller SEIZED with Adkins, will direct the film from a script written by  Matt Venne. Michael J. Luisi helped develop the screenplay along  with Adkins, Florentine and Venne, and will produce the film with Kirk D’Amico who is the head of Myriad Pictures. 

“We are excited to be working with this team, including Scott Adkins and Isaac Florentine, and alongside producer Michael Luisi, who are all so experienced in making dynamic action and fight films,” said D’Amico. “The characters in the script are deep and rich and we believe that this film stands out above the crowd.”

Aside from working with director Jesse V. Johnson, Florentine and Adkins have been a solid duo in the action genre which started back with UNDISPUTED 2: LAST MAN STANDING and expect some heavy hitiing fight sequences to dominate the film along with the drama. Adkins has showcased some pretty awesome MMA skills with Florentine’s UNDISPUTED series and that trend should continue with STAPPED. 

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more details to surface for STRAPPED and who knows, maybe we will have more Scott Adkins news in the next hour. 

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