(Original Publication Date: April 24th, 2019) By John M Jerva

Ever since it was announced that a remake of the Indonesian action classic THE RAID which then starred an unknown Iko Uwais, the reception was met with certain fear to say the least. Remakes and reboots are a sore subject here in Hollywood and to try and redo a masterpiece in action filmmaking like this one seemed surely doomed from the start. The remake has gone through development hell for a few years now and it was recently announced that director Joe Carnahan and star Frank Grillo would try to strike lightning with the concept. Ever since they announced it, the trail has gone cold and it is important to note that Grillo had abandoned the project once already before joining the fight once again with his partner at War Party Productions Joe Carnahan. 

Now, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel as Carnahan, who is doing press for his newest action film EL CHICANO which he wrote and produced, recently spoke to Collider.Com where he gave us some much needed info on the remake and even teased us that pre-production was gearing up soon!

Director Joe Carnahan and Frank Grillo. Image courtesy of Collider

In the article, Carnahan talked about Grillo’s character in THE RAID remake and from the sounds of it, he’s a pretty broken protagonist to say the least:

“You meet Frank’s character having just rotated back from a really, really, brutal special forces operation. He’s got soft tissue damage in his hands, and his rotator cuff is blown out, and they take fluid off his knees, and the doctors basically tell him, “Listen you’re at the razor’s edge of PTSD and you need three months of just nothing, some R&R, because you’re jacked up.’ And in that space he gets the message that his brother, who he thought had been dead for four years, is actually alive and working for a very bad guy in Caracas, and in 18 hours they’re gonna kill his brother. These forces are gonna descend and murder the bad guy and murder the brother, so do you wanna go and get your brother, who you thought is dead? Do you want that opportunity? So that’s where we start.”

Now the question on everybody’s mind is how the hell is Carnahan going to top the action of the original, and the director teased some pretty awesome details on how the fights will play out:

“I want the entire movie to feel like the knife fight between Adam Goldberg and the German in Saving Private Ryan. Everything. In every great action film there’s always an emotional quotient that you’re dealing with… You have to have a sense of stakes. For all of the tremendous excess of those last two Matrix films, which I enjoyed the hell out of, they never really got to the tension of just Keanu Reeves trying to answer a phone at the end of the first movie. There was great pathos, there was a great sense of, ‘Is he gonna make it?’ The spectacle I think outweighs the heart and soul of it, and that’s what you have to remember is you’ve gotta have that attached.”

Now it remains to be seen when the production will get underway but with Carnahan saying that pre-production is ready to heat up in the next few weeks, hopefully we will get some more news on the horizon. Anyway you slice it, if anybody can pull this movie off, it’s Carnahan and Grillo and from the way Joe is describing the film, I think the remake is in very capable hands. Stay tuned and keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come!

While we wait for more details, check out a clip from the original film below and remember what made it so special!

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