Action fans know who French Star Jean Reno is and most importantly, his classic action-thriller, 1994’s The Professional, is essential viewing for most genre fans. That film which starred a teenage Natalie Portman is regarded as one of the best in action cinema.

Now Reno is back again and this time he is taking on the retired hit man who is pressed back into service action flick with the new thriller Cold Blood. A new trailer and poster have dropped and available for consumption down below!

Official Synopsis: A successful hit man lives an isolated life in a cabin at the edge of a peaceful lake. One day, a woman with serious injuries appears in front of his house looking for help, and to save her he runs the risk of endangering his own life.

The film which also stars Sarah Lind who starred in Steven Seagal’s short lived TV series looks a cut above the standard hitman with a heart of gold storyline mainly due to Reno himself who is usually pretty solid in anything he is in.

Helmed and written by Frédéric Petitjean, the film also stars Joe Anderson (Twilight), David Gyasi (Interstellar), François Guétary (“Lost”), and Samantha Bond (“Downton Abbey”).

Cold Blood hits on July 5th!


Official Trailer

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