Well this was somewhat expected after the troubles even before the show premiered but DC Universe’s Swamp Thing has been officially cancelled right after the first episode premiered last Friday on the streaming service. This is even with fans giving it s big thumbs up after the premiere.

The reason for the sudden cancellation is surprising as writer John Gholson explained via his Twitter account that the series was axed due to trouble with North Carolina’s tax rebates. There were reports that executives had lost faith in the show too but only those behind closed doors know what’s going on with the series and the service.

Things will be interesting to say the least with what will happen with the other shows like a Titans which got a second season order and the shows that haven’t even premiered yet like the animated Harley Quinn series.

Back in April it was reported that the 13 episode order for Swamp Thing was reduced to 10 with production being shut down but ex. producer James Wan said at the time that he preferred the shorter, tighter season. Now with the cancellation all together, it begs to be seen if it will end in a cliffhanger.

I watched the first episode of Swamp Thing and really enjoyed it so now I ponder whether I should continue or not.

Stay tuned for more to come on the fate of DC Universe. Swamp Thing will run its last 9 episodes with a new episode premiering every Friday.

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