CBS’s S.W.A.T. Stays Liquid as the Action Series is Renewed for Season 7 After Surprising Cancellation!

Uhm…what just happened? So yesterday I was pissed to say the least as I found out that CBS had cancelled S.W.A.T. which happens to be one of my current favorite shows. The biggest reason why I was annoyed was that the series was reaping the rewards of being moved to Fridays as viewership has continued to increase making it one of the channel’s most popular action shows along with Blue Bloods.

Why was it cancelled May you ask? Money of course as CBS doesn’t own the show. Sony Television holds the rights and the two companies couldn’t get a deal struck to further continue it pass this current sixth season. That’s right, SWAT was cancelled because of greed, the paper back, a few Benjamins. It’s not because nobody was watching it…oh no…but because two companies couldn’t figure out how to save a buck and clear up any messes between the two and, you know, do it for for the fans who realistically pay their salaries.

If the show was canned because of low ratings, I would have been less fuming. God knows I’ve watched countless series that were canceled before their time because of ratings. But this was just because two companies couldn’t put fans first and dollars and cents second. The same thing almost happened to SEAL Team as rising expanses almost spelled certain doom for my beloved military drama show but that series has found new life as a Paramount Plus original and it has been renewed for a season seven after being in danger of termination after almost every season.

Well, may wonders never cease as CBS has backtracked and worked out a deal that will see series star Shemar Moore and crew return for a seventh and final 13 episode season run that will allow plot lines to be wrapped up and character arcs shown proper respect. My head is still shaking from all of this as this usually doesn’t happen.

“We have listened to our viewers and their outpouring of passion for S.W.A.T. and we have reached an agreement to renew it for a final season of 13 episodes to air during the 2023-2024 broadcast year,” reads a joint statement from Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment, and Katherine Pope, president of Sony Pictures Television Studios. “S.W.A.T.has aired for six seasons on CBS and garnered a devoted following. We are pleased that we found a way to bring it back and give closure to the show’s storylines and characters, which audiences deserve. Once again, we appreciate the talents and efforts of the cast, writers, producers and crew and everyone who has contributed to the success of S.W.A.T.We look forward to its return next season.“

The real and honest reason behind the brief cancellation of S.W.A.T. came down to the all mighty dollar and two corporations butting heads over price tags. S.W.A.T. has usually been awarded an early renewal each and every year, but that came with a promise and the agreement that the license fee would be unchanged. You see, TV shows get more and more expensive every year and a show like this which is action oriented is usually the most expensive of all. With this unfortunate truth, this put S.W.A.T.’s profit margins at risk. Basically this all means that the show was a big success but CBS and Sony Television couldn’t come to a new agreement, and thus it suffered a rare cancellation based on these reasons.

Star Shemar Moore was very vocal on social media when the show was cancelled and he was not pleased. Maybe that also had something to do with it. Moore basically called out CBS and Sony and said what was on his mind. Moore was very irate and his displeasure showed after the cancellation, to which he called it a f&cking mistake and he called out CBS to reconsider their initial decision. Nothing like having a hot in demand TV star being pissed at you to set your priorities straight. I digress however.

Now, of course. after the awesome news of the S.W.A.T. season 7 renewal was officially announced, Moore once again took to social media to express his happiness by saying, “Ayyeee!!!!! We did it #SWATFAM!!! @swatcbs is coming back for a 7th and Final season with 13 Episodes!!! Thank you to all of you for the continued and amazing support!! Let’s go.“

Right now I’m just shaking my head at all of this. On one hand, at least we are getting one more season of Hondo and the L.A. police departments elite of the elite but on the other hand it’s bittersweet as it’ll definitely be the last. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth I guess and let’s just enjoy the fact that the good guys won this time. “Heads on a swivel and stay liquid everyone!!!”


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