Henry Cavill Faces His Fate in the Teaser for Season 3 of THE WITCHER!

Henry Cavill’s last season of The Witcher is upon us and with season 3, his hero arc will come to an end but not until he does what he does best. Cavill is leaving the hit Netflix series to pursue other things and even though one of those things won’t be playing Superman anymore like he thought, I’m sure he still has a bright future destined for him. Check out Cavill in action one last time in the new promo for the upcoming episodes!

The new teaser packs in sweeping drama, eye popping visuals and a sneak peak at the action set for season 3. Cavill is looking as bad ass as ever and it’ll be interesting to see how he goes and how Liam Hemsworth does upon his arrival.

Everything changes this summer when The Witcher season 3 hits Netflix! Lock ‘N’ Load right here for more footage and images and details to come!!!


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