BORN TO FLY: Well Go USA Hits the Danger Zone with the Chinese Answer to TOP GUN!

North American audiences will soon get to check out China’s answer to Top Gun when Well Go USA officially unveils Born to Fly in select theaters this month. Let me tell you that Top Gun Maverick has nothing to worry about as I’m pretty sure that movie is still the only one where the actors were literally flying in combat jets. At any rate, check out two trailers below courtesy of our friends at Asian Film Fans as well as Well Go USA’s official domestic tease!

Official Synopsis:

After an unforeseen threat arises mid-air, a talented young air force test pilot (Wang Yibo) is forced to test not only the capabilities of his top-secret aircraft, but also his own physical and psychological limits, in order to survive.

The movie was helmed by Liu Xiaoshi in his directorial debut and it’s pretty safe to say that he’s a huge fan of Tom Cruise and his character of Maverick. The cast includes Yibo Wang who is playing the Maverick role here and he’s joined by Hu Jun and Dongyu Zhou.

Unfortunately, after the sheer realism of the actors actually being in jets for all the aerial action set pieces in the Top Gun sequel, anything that comes after will surely pale in comparison because it’ll be obvious to the viewers that the actors aren’t really up in the skies. Plus CGI is no match for the high octane feel of the real thing. Just my thoughts on the subject.

Born to Fly soars into theaters on April 28th!! has partnered with the awesome website and YouTube channel Asian Film Fans to bring you the best in Asian action. All info and trailers are courtesy of AFF.


One thought on “BORN TO FLY: Well Go USA Hits the Danger Zone with the Chinese Answer to TOP GUN!

  1. Hey Eva, I don’t watch movies at first if they’re not given to me. It’s just a trailer release article. That being said that’s the info the PR people gave me so blame them not me.


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