The Action Fix Podcast Exclusive: The Rise of the Latin Streetfighter- A Conversation with Veteran Action Coordinator & Director Art Camacho- Part 1!

With decades of experience under his black belt, veteran fight coordinator, director and actor Art Camacho has worked with the best and has taken on the best that action cinema has to offer. From his early days during the DTV VHS action craze for PM Entertainment and Concord to today, Camacho has delivered his signature action in front of and behind the camera. From working with Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Gary Daniels, Scott Adkins and more, Camacho is the go-to guy when filmmakers like himself need fight action!

In part one of this episode of The Action Fix Podcast courtesy of, I had the honor of speaking with Art about his martial arts background, getting started in the industry and choreographing and directing some of the best action around.

It’s Part 1 with the Latin Streetfighter himself, Art Camacho on The Action Fix Podcast! Enjoy!

Look out for Part 2 with Art Camacho Coming soon!


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