ONE PERCENTER: The “Real Action” Teaser Drops for Tak Sakaguchi’s Latest All Out Adrenaline Actioner!

We finally have some movement on Japanese action maestro Tak Sakaguchi’s newest action epic titled One Percenter. Tak is reuniting with filmmaker YAMAGUCHI Yudai for the film that promises something different for action cinema disciples.

A new teaser and extended trailer has dropped online courtesy of Tak and you can check out the battlefield carnage that awaits below but be warned, it’s a very fast glimpse of the action. What happens when an action film star has to do it for real? A whole lot of bloodletting that’s what.

“Lights, Camera… this is Real Action!”

Action film actor Takuma Toshiro (Sakaguchi Tak) is a man with only one mission: the perfection of action film acting. But when his samurai-approach to the profession clashes with an industry addicted to wires, CGI and quick edits, Toshiro and his trusty apprentice Akira decide to make their dream film themselves.

When actual violence finds its way onto their film set in the form of yakuza mobsters looking for a hidden cache of drugs, Toshiro and Akira are suddenly thrust into action. Is this the ideal opportunity to take his “Real Action” to the next level? As lives are lost and chaos ensues, Toshiro finds that the gap between action “fantasy” and “reality” isn’t quite what he thought! -Reads the official storyline.

Tak is certainly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to action set pieces and off the wall fight choreography. With films like his cult classic Versus along with more recent fare like Crazy Samurai Musashi and the horribly underrated Re:Born, Tak continues to push the envelope of extreme action and martial arts filmmaking and One Percenter definitely looks to up the crescendo of violence.

Director Statement:

Tired of action films about ex-mercenaries being forced back into action? It’s time to meet a true “One-Percenter.” Get ready for a real action omakase!

One Percenter is set to launch in Japan in 2022 so hopefully we will get North American release info sooner rather than later. Lock ‘N’ Load at your destination for everything action right here for more details to come!!!!

In the meantime, check out Tak doing what he does best which is slice through a gauntlet of baddies in his epic Re:Born!!!

This is why Re:Born is one of my favorite films added to my home movie arsenal as it features some of the best, if not the best, CQB action ever caught on film. One Percenter looks to totally outdo this one with even more intricately staged action set pieces. I’m all in per usual!! Stay tuned!


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