SIMULANT: It’s a War Between Humans & Androids in the Sci-Fi Thriller Starring Sam Worthington, Jordana Brewster & Simu Liu!

A brand new trailer has gone online from director April Mullen (Wander) which mixes action, sci-fi and thrills in a taut film called Simulant. An all-star cast is front and center with Avatar’s Sam Worthington, Fast & Furious alum Jordana Brewster and the MCU’s Simu Liu. Check out the next evolution in the trailer below!

Synopsis: With androids (SIMS) and humans coexisting, Simulant centers around FAYE (Jordana Brewster) who has already pulled the plug on her late husband, now she can’t bring herself to do the same to EVAN (Robbie Amell), his android counterpart. Instead of deactivating Evan, Faye sets him up in an apartment to live illegally on his own. While there he meets Casey (Simu Liu), a brilliant programmer who helps him become more human in order to win Faye back. Unbeknownst to Evan, his new friend is wanted for questioning by a determined Artificial Intelligence Compliance Enforcement (AICE) agent Kessler (Sam Worthington). Evan has to win over Faye’s heart before they are both discovered and he loses everything.

Also starring is Code 8’s Robbie Amell and the movie looks like an exciting genre mix that utilizes the strengths of the stars who are no strangers to action.

Simulant is hitting a theatrical release up north in Canada on April 7th through Mongrel. Vertical Entertainment is set to unleash the movie in the US and UK via VOD on May 5th with a theatrical and VOD release soon after on June 2nd.


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