THE KILLER: Korea’s Hyper-Violent Answer to JOHN WICK Hits UK Digital & Blu-Ray from CineAsia!

Move over Keanu Reeves because Jang Hyuk, (The Swordman) is ready to unleash a crescendo of hypertension-kinetic and ultra-violent action set pieces in the acclaimed Korean actioner The Killer. Filled with enough stylized and brutal firepower and beatdowns to satisfy even the most jaded action cinema fan, The Killer hits Digital platforms 27th March and Blu-ray & DVD 17th April from Trinity CineAsia!!!

Synopsis: Ui-gang (Jang Hyuk, The Swordman) is a legendary hitman who has decided to retire from the business and pursue legitimate work. When his wife takes a trip, she issues a request, for Ui-gang to look after her travel companion’s 17-year old daughter, Yoon-ji (K-pop star Lee Seo-young aka Anne from GWSN). Ui-gang reluctantly agrees, but when the girl with a wild streak falls afoul of gangsters, Yoon-ji finds herself kidnapped and in a situation more dangerous than she ever imagined. However, while the girl is in over her head, her captors will also find themselves with more than they can handle when Ui-gang begins tearing the city apart to get her back.

From acclaimed director Choi Jae-hoon (The Swordman) and adapted from a popular novel, The Killer is a cool, stylish and fast-paced thriller with incredible action scenes which further cements the elite reputation of South Korean cinema.  

Trinity CineAsia presents

 The Killer on Digital 27th March and Blu-ray & DVD 17th April


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