First Look Images of a Jacked Jake Gyllenhaal Hit as the ROAD HOUSE Reboot Continues Production!

Cameras are rolling for the ambitious and highly anticipated remake of Patrick Swayze’s classic Road House which sees Jake Gyllenhaal step into the role of the iconic cooler who is out to clean up a bar. UFC 285 happened last weekend and during the event, filming commenced on the reboot with Gyllenhaal in full effect as his character. The scene in question was a weigh in and Gyllenhaal was in peek physical shape and looked battle ready as he showed off for the cameras. Take a look at a chiseled Jake in the new images below!

 The Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow‘s Doug Liman is helming the movie which also stars UFC champ Connor McGregor who is most definitely playing the heavy in the film. We all know that Marshal Teague played Jimmy Reno in the original, so McGregor has some big shoes to fill. Knowing that Gyllenhaal’s Dalton is a IFC champion and McGregor is a real-life bruiser, expect their eventual showdown to be laced heavily with mixed martial arts and intricate locks, takedowns and more.

I won’t lie as I tell you I wasn’t happy when they announced this reboot as you can see from my past articles. The cast is not the greatest besides Gyllenhaal and McGregor and how do you make this any better than the near perfection that came out in 1989 with the late, great Patrick Swayze. That film is essential viewing for action fans so I don’t know what this can possibly bring to the table but like I always say, I will reserve judgment until I see first footage. Jake is jacked and I will give him that so here’s hoping his previous action film experience will give him some cred during the fight sequences. He was sensational in the boxing sequences in the drama Southpaw so that will surely translate over to this role.

The great Joel Silver is producing as well and we all know that he is responsible for the Lethal Weapon films, Die Hard, The Matrix and so much more so maybe this can be a decent flick. If you don’t compare it at all to the original and treat it as a standalone film. Only time will tell as they are still filming the movie.

The cast also includes Daniela Melchior who will next be seen in Fast X as well as Billy Magnussen who was recently seen in the last James Bond film No Time to Die.

Take a look at Gyllenhaal going all out as he films the weigh in scene from Road House in the video below which has an intro from Mr. McGregor himself!


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