Action Couple Michael Jai White & Gillian White are Locked “N” Loaded on New Teaser Key Art for the Upcoming Actioner THE ISLAND!

More teaser sales art coming out of the EFM has Michael jai White and wife Jillian armed and ready to tussle. The new film is called The Island and it also stars Jackson Rathbone who is featured prominently on the one sheet. Check out the newest key art below!

This title looks action ready and has White starring as an LAPD officer who comes back to his home island when his brother dies under mysterious circumstances. Of course, a wealthy and ruthless tycoon has taken over said island forcing White to take matters into his own hands which leads to war as White goes into one man army mode to take down the tycoon and his hordes of thugs. Take my money now once again.

The movie is currently being shopped via MSR Media at the current EFM and a first look image and the new sales art has just been issued for the movie which also stars Jackson Rathbone. Additional cast members include White’s real life wife Gillian White and Edoardo Costa.

A photo was released awhile back at the AFM showing White locked in CQB action and if you missed it the first time around, take a peek at it below!

From the above photo showing White locked in combat showcases the fact that the action star will most certainly have his martial arts skills on full display to go along with the gunfire. Rathbone, featured with White on the sales art will undoubtedly get his hands dirty as well.

Shaun Paul Piccinino is directing from an idea by Philippe Martinez and a script penned by Martinez and Michael Cassie.

White also has his directorial effort The Outlaw Johnny Black hitting soon along with the action-thriller As Good as Dead. White will also feature in the WWII thriller Come Out Fighting from filmmaker Steven Luke which I’ve had the pleasure of viewing early. Needles to say, fans of White will be well served in the coming year.

Keep it Locked “N” Loaded right here for more updates to come as we are your destination for everything action in 2023 and beyond!


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