BOUDICA: Olga Kurylenko is Warrior Personified on New Teaser Key Art for Jesse V. Johnson’s Period Actioner!

Action maestro Jesse V. Johnson has cornered the market on giving genre fans bullet riddled, blood splattered crime dramas that have satisfied on every level. Johnson, a veteran stunt professional turned action filmmaker, has made several flicks where machine guns and fisticuffs have run rampant and now the director is tackling something a little different and a little awesome in the new period, sword changing epic Boudica.

The movie which is in post-production stars veteran femme fatale Olga Kurylenko as a warrior queen who took on an army with sword in hand. New teaser sakes art has emerged out of the European Film Market this week showcasing Kurylenko’s rage and deadly skills and you can view it below to wet your appetite.


The eponymous Celtic warrior who rules the Iceni people alongside her husband Prasutagus. The King dies at the hands of Roman soldiers, leaving Boudica’s kingdom without a male heir and the Romans seize her land and property.

Kuylenko stars along with Taken’s Clive Standen as well as Peter Franzen and Lucy Martin. Johnson directs once again from a script he also penned.

The movie is based on actual facts of a warrior queen who must defend her land and people when her husband and king is murdered by enemy forces. Expect Johnson to honor the sword and sandal genre with gravitas laden drama and blood soaked battle sequences that will leave viewers sweat induced.

The film is being shopped for buyers at the EFM and the above artwork is teaser sales art and will most likely be changed upon release although the poster is worthy enough to be the finished product. Boudica reunites Kurykleno with Johnson as she also starred in the filmmaker’s recent action pic White Elephant which also starred Michael Rooker and Bruce Willis.

Lock ‘n’ load right here for more future details to come on Boudica and all future Jesse V. Johnson pics as we are your destination for everything action!!!


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