Mike Colter’s Brutal Anti-Hero from PLANE Set to Lead His Own Sequel!

I just had surgery today to repair yet another torn rotator cuff so bare with me as my posts will be short but oh so sweet.

One unexpected piece of news dropping today is that Mike Colter, who starred alongside Gerard Butler in the double thumbs up actioner Plane will lead his own sequel and it’ll take place on the high seas as the thrills switch from plane to boat! Check out the details dropped by Deadline below!

Together with the ship’s second mate/navigator, a last-minute addition to the crew who was unaware of its illicit activities, and a passenger with military experience and a bone to pick, Gaspare embarks on a mission to take down the ship’s corrupt Captain, keep its innocent passengers safe, and liberate its captives.”

We all know that Colter rocked it as Marvel’s Luke Cage but now he’s getting the action star cred he deserves finally. Colter was the best part of Plane (sorry Gerard, you will still solid too) and was bad ass in the film’s action sequences.

Butler unfortunately will not return but his story arc was complete in the first movie as Colter’s storyline still has wiggle room.

The international sales company The Veterans is readying the project for potential buyers at this weekk’s EFM with the goal of a late 2023 a set in production. CAA Media Finance is also representing the domestic rights and there are talks with writers and directors ongoing as we speak. No other casting decisions to Colter’s solo outing have been made yet.

Keep it locked and loaded for more to follow!!!

Source: Deadline


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