LAST RESORT: Jon Foo Runs the Gauntlet in 2023’s First Adrenaline Laced Actioner!

It’s time to play catch up after taking a few months off but we’re starting the new year off with a rousing bang as martial arts action star Jon Foo (Tekken, Universal Soldier: Regeneration) is ready to run the gauntlet with guns and his blazing fists and feet. Saban Films is releasing the new action thriller Last Resort in theaters and VOD in the first week of January and we’ve got the explosive new trailer for you below!

A former special forces soldier becomes a one-man-army when his wife and daughter are taken hostage during a bank robbery. As he brutally neutralizes the gang of thieves, the lives of millions hang in the balance when a highly lethal toxin is stolen from the vault. THE LAST RESORT is an intense action thriller powered by breathtaking fight choreography.

Written and Directed by:
Jean Marc Mineo

Jon Foo with Clayton Norcross

Foo has always been on my radar and is definitely one of action cinema’s most underrated stars. Aside from some shoddy actions here and there, Foo certainly has the moves and the look to headline more violent fare like this one. Hopefully this one will deliver what the trailer promises but it looks good so we shall see.


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