2022 Ends with a Bang with the Release of the Action Drenched Thriller HEAD RUSH!

Once again, I’m playing catch up after my two month sabbatical and here’s a nifty little thriller from over seas to end the year. It’s the Vietnamese actioner Head Rush and it’s now available on Digital and VOD as of Tuesday, December 27th. Check out the embedded trailer below along with the eye popping key art!

Official Synopsis: A man dying of a terminal illness receives an experimental medical treatment and soon discovers he has superhuman powers. But the origins of the treatment are intertwined in a dark history that becomes unraveled in his life.

Directed by: Victor Vu
Action Directed by: Vincent Wang
Written by: Doan Nhat Nam, Kay Nguyen, Victor Vu

Starring: Cuong Seven, Tran Thi Nha Phuong, Ngoc Anh Vu

Genre: Action, Thriller
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 107 minutes
Distributor: Glass House Distribution


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