Exclusive: No One Left Behind- Action Filmmaker Pierre Morel Talks THE AMBUSH and More on The Action Fix Podcast!

The next interview I have lined up for you is a real treat for the most die-hard action cinema fans as we have filmmaker Pierre Morel who has been a staple in action cinema for decades now. Morel has helped shaped the action hero status of such prolific stars such as Jason Statham in The Transporter and Liam Neeson having helmed the first Taken film in the blockbuster franchise. Morel has even worked with the likes of Hollywood icon John Travolta directing him in the hyper-kinetic From Paris with Love and now his latest explosive offering is The Ambush which is out now in theaters and due to hit VOD and Digital this coming Tuesday, November 1st from Saban Films.

The ripped from the headlines trues story is the first war film for the director, and it mixes rousing battle action with searing human drama as it tells the true-life story of three Emirates soldiers who come under attack when their armored transport is mercilessly ambushed in Yemen. With only the armor to protect them from a relentless assault from the enemy, the three brave warriors wait to be rescued by their fearless commander who launches a daring rescue mission to get them out alive as no man is left behind.

In this exclusive interview on this episode of the Action fix Podcast, I had the honor of talking with Morel about tackling his first war movie. We discuss what brought him to the project, the challenges of shooting the film and, of course, executing the fierce battle scenes that fills the running time. We even get to talk about Statham and Neeson as well and working with the stars in their blockbuster films.

It’s filmmaker Pierre Morel on this installment of The Action Fix Podcast! Enjoy!

The Ambush is now playing in select theaters and will launch on VOD and Digital this Tuesday, November 1st from Saban Films!

Check out the full trailer and an exclusive clip you’ll only see here below!


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