The Philippines Based Military Thriller THE EXPAT is Now Available on All Major Video Platforms in North America!

Reviews for Gregory Segal’s Philippines-based thriller THE EXPAT are in, and agree that it “works on just about every level” (Film Threat). The film just launched its VOD campaign in North America and will be layering its release across other territories soon. THE EXPAT tells the story of a former American Marine stricken with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) while on vacation in the Philippines. While he is enjoying his visit, He soon encounters romance and then the dark side of his new home, as someone begins to stalk and kill women with whom he has had romantic encounters. As his romantic partners are found dead and scattered around Manila, things turn out to be not as they may seem. When this former American Marine becomes the prime suspect in this series of murders, will we learn the whole truth? 

Film Threat:

“Rating: 9.5 / 10 – It works on just about every level. The cinematography and editing are excellent, maintaining a tense pace. The cast is splendid, with deeply written roles to pull from. This action-thriller is a fantastic movie, and the fact that it is Segal’s debut makes it even more special.

411 Mania:

“See The Expat! See it, see it, see it!”

Movie Reviews 101:

“[The Expat] is an interesting mystery!”

 Written and directed by Gregory Segal, THE EXPAT was produced by Charlotte Dianco, Cody Simon, and Yuson Charles. THE EXPAT cast features Lev Gorn (‘Nick’), Mon Confiado (‘Cruz’),  Leo J. Martinez, and Lovely Abella (‘Delilah’).  
 “Though I am quite familiar with life in the country, making a film in the Philippines as a first-time feature writer/director was my privilege,” said filmmaker Gregory Segal. “I had the opportunity to work with the some of the best actors a first-time director could hope for, from both the United States and the Philippines.  We tried to tell an even-handed story, seeing the world and its problems not just through an American lens, but acknowledging that viewpoint is just one way to experience the mysteries that people encounter in life.  Having been able to wrap up this philosophy in a storyline that is hopefully engaging and suspenseful to people everywhere, I can only feel fortunate for having such a great international team, from my cinematographer all the way down.”  Freestyle Digital Media negotiated the deal to acquire THE EXPAT directly with Glen Reynolds of Circus Road Films.    

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