BORROWED TIME 3: FALLING APART- The Final Entry in Alan Delabie’s Martial Arts Action Franchise is Now Available on Streaming!

If you follow my website, then you know that I’ve been promoting martial arts actor and filmmaker Alan Delabie’s fight infused action franchise Borrowed Time for quite some time now. The series comes full circle now as the last entry, Borrowed Time 3: Falling Apart, I’d now available to stream with a DVD launch set for September.

Check out the new trailer, key art and images for the third installment below!

Official Synopsis: Battling the demons from his past, Franck Denard must settle a score with the crime boss of the Malandrain criminal organization in Europe before he can track down the mysterious Wagner who conducted experiments on him without his knowledge, changing his life, forever

Delabie not only stars but he also co-directed the movie with David Worth of Kickboxer and Bloodsport fame. Also starring is a who’s who of action stars including Patrick Kilpatrick, Costas Mandylor, Louis Mandylor, Eric Roberts, Matthias Hues and Mark Stas.

The trailer is loaded with fight action and this entry looks to amp up the adrenaline on its way to a bone smashing conclusion as Denard faces his own personal demons as well as enemies coming at him from all angles.

You can now purchase the film on streaming sites like VUDU and Amazon Prime. The film will also hit DVD store shelves in September so stay tuned for more details.

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