DEATH HUNT: They Messed with the Wrong Woman in the New Action-Thriller Debuting this July!

Once again, some unfortunate thugs are going to learn a very hard lesson that size doesn’t always count. That’s the takeaway here from the new survival thriller Death Hunt which takes its cues from the classic story The Most Dangerous Game.

Marlene Malcolm and Omar Tucci star in the thriller from director Neil Mackay and we have the new key art and first look trailer for you to view. It’s survival of the fittest and this femme fatale is going to make them remember who she is.

In the film, a developer and his mistress, travelling to their weekend retreat, are taken hostage by a group of men and brought to a remote island. Here they fight for survival as the men release them into the wild and hunt them for sport.

Omar Tucci, Rick Amsbury, Michael Coughlan, Marlene Malcolm, Greg Johnston, Frank Ieraci, Terry McDonald, Peter Lewis, Sam Slessor, and Mason Cromwell star in the film.

Female tilted revenge thriller DEATH HUNT, directed by Neil Mackay, hits DVD and Digital July 12 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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