Liam Neeson Set to Star in the Action-Drama THUG & the Virus Thriller COLD STORAGE

By: John M Jerva

Once again, Liam Neeson is not quite ready to retire from making action films as the noteworthy star is set to headline not one but two more future projects. The first is an action-drama titled Thug while the second entry is a switch for Neeson as he will also star in a sci-fi virus themed thriller called Cold Storage. Yes, Neeson has graduated from human targets and is now taking on bigger game in his movies as he will tackle a dreaded virus. Color me excited.

First off, Thug will see Neeson reunite with his Cold Pursuit director Hans Petter Moland and the film, per Deadline, will tell the story of:

“an ageing San Pedro gangster (Neeson) who attempts to reconnect with his children and rectify the mistakes in his past, but the criminal underworld won’t loosen their grip willingly”

Tony Gayton penned the script. Sculptor Media’s Warren Goz and Eric Gold are set to produce along with Roger Birnbaum (Rush Hour franchise) and Michael Besman (About Schmidt) via Electromagnetic Productions, and James Masciello’s Force Majeure (Copshop).

Production is said to commence this October in sunny Los Angeles.

Now onto the virus thriller!

Cold Storage will be helmed by Jonny Campbell, who is best known for Doctor Who as well as Westworld. David Koepp wrote the script.

Per Deadline: Several decades ago, a highly infectious, constantly mutating micro-organism — capable of extinction-level destruction — was contained in a military facility. In the present day, the military has sealed the facility’s lowest sublevel selling the remaining space to a self-storage company. As temperatures rise underground, the micro-organism finds a way to escape — and if left to spread, it will soon uncontrollably multiply around the world. The fate of humanity now rests on a retired bioterror operative and two unlikely heroes employed in the facility, who are caught in a race against time to destroy the organism and save mankind.

Both films are being presented at the Cannes market for potential buyers. The recent output of Neeson’s films have definitely been hit or miss. Blacklight was a severe fumble in my eyes and I’m yet to see Memory so hopefully that one fairs better. I’ll collect my thoughts once the film premieres on streaming.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more future Liam Neeson details as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!

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