The Action Fix Live- Underrated Action: Revisiting the High-Octane Flicks of Reb Brown!

By: John M Jerva

It’s time to jock up and go to war as we break open a new segment called Underrated Action. From underrated action stars to action movies, this new segment will give a much-needed shout out to some of the unsung heroes of action cinema. First up, we relive some of the greatest action films and moments from one of the most underrated action stars of the 80’s and 90’s…Reb Brown. The man with the can’t miss action roar starred in some of the best and undervalued action films of the glory days like Strike Commando, and RoboWar which ripped off such classic action movies like Rambo and Predator and did it with unapologetic flair. Brown co-starred in one of the best bring ’em home action films in Uncommon Valor which also starred the great Gene Hackman.

We can’t forget the Cage movies which teamed Brown up with body building champ turned 80’s action star Lou Ferrigno. Who could forget his stint as the motorcycle riding comic book hero come to life in Captain America. Yes before Chris Evans donned the star spangled banner uniform, Brown did it with gusto and 70’s pizazz. It’s Reb Brown and his iconic scream on this all-new episode of The Action Fix Live! It’s time to get your action scream on!

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