BLIND WAR: Andy On Kicks Ass Effectively While Permanently Blind in the New Bullet Drenched Trailer

By: John M Jerva

Apparently, there’s a new Chinese actioner starring Andy On (Abduction) where he plays a former SWAT member who is blinded while on a mission that goes sideways and awry. While that will deter most normal folk to wallow in anguish, On’s character embraces his inner Daredevil and uses the rest of his heightened senses to take on the nefarious forces at play.

The action movie is called Blind War so that doesn’t deter On from still kicking ass and taking on the bad guys using all his heightened senses like Daredevil. From director Huo Sui Qiang, check out the mayhem, carnage, balletic gunplay and ridiculous amounts of ammo spent in the new trailer. There’s no English subs but who needs them when action does the talking. It’s a tooth for a tooth and an eye for a blind eye in the insane new action spectacle!

Synopsis via IMDb: The film tells the story of former SWAT captain Dong Gu, who is permanently injured during a failed mission for which he took responsibility. After gradually getting out of the haze, his old enemy reappears and threatens his daughter.

Teaser Poster for Blind War

Also starring Waise, Jane Wu and Vincent Matile, you get the general gist from the savage first look above. On is in full action one man army mode here and this film doesn’t look boring. We all know he gets injured and goes after the ones responsible so let the ferocious action set pieces unleash and give us a release date in North America!

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more 411 to drop on Blind War as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!

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