The Next Level of Protection is Here with the Official Trailer for ERASER: REBORN!

By: John M Jerva

OK, I know this isn’t a sequel with Arnie and there’s going to be haters out there but this looks pretty damn good. Warner Bros. has issued a new trailer for Eraser: Reborn which now features Dominic Sherwood as the elite specialist who can make people in trouble disappear.

This new footage looks as advertised and I want to see shit blow up, bad guys get shot and the hero looking like he’s got swagger to spare, and this looks like it delivers on all fronts, so I’ll be there to watch this one with an open mind. Plus, it looks like they spent some money on it which always bodes well from the start. Check out the new trailer below!

Official Synopsis: U.S. Marshal Mason Pollard specializes in “erasing” people – faking the deaths of high-risk witnesses. With the technological advances of the last 25 years, the game has upgraded, and it’s just another day at the office when he’s assigned to Rina Kimura, a crime boss’ wife who’s decided to turn state’s evidence. As the two flee to Cape Town, South Africa, with a team of merciless assassins on their trail, Pollard discovers he’s been set up. Double-crossed and fueled by adrenaline, he needs to be at the top of his game, or he’ll be the one who’s erased. Permanently.

Official Blu-Ray Cover Art

This is a DTV follow up to the original that isn’t connected as Sherwood is playing a completely different character.

Sherwood stars along with Jacky Lai (V-Wars) as Rina Kimura, McKinley Belcher III (Marriage Story) as Paul Whitlock, Pollard’s mentor, and Eddie Ramos (Animal Kingdom) as Sugar Jax, who is a local gangster.

The film was helmed by John Pogue who is best known for Deep Blue Sea 3. Michael D. Weiss penned the script. 

Sheerwood has been featured in Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments and Penny Dreadful: City of Angels so he’s got credits under his belt but only time will tell his he handles the action. 

Unfortunately, most people condemn these films before they even see any footage. Per usual, I always hold off judgment until I see it. I must have not gotten the memo where the hero has to be 6’5 and 250 pounds. I personally know Navy SEALS who look like this guy so your argument that he doesn’t look the part is invalid. Personally, it looks solid, so I’ll check it out.

Special features for the release include:

The Warrior and the Witness: The Making Eraser: RebornGo behind the scenes on set in Capetown, South Africa for an all-access look at the fast-paced filmmaking approach used to capture the action-packed tale of a witness on the run and the agent tasked with keeping her alive. Includes Interviews with the filmmakers, cast and crew.

The next level of protection is here as Eraser: Reborn will hit the shelves on June 7th.

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