PRIMITIVE WAR: Dinosaurs will Rage War in a Vietnam War Movie- Enough Said!

By: John M jerva

I’m just going to say this one statement. Dinosaurs will run rampant in an upcoming Vietnam War movie. I’ll just wait a second for you to wrap your head around it……….O.K. now we can move one.

That’s right folks, THR has brought the word that filmmaker Luke Sparke will write and also be at the helm of a film adaptation of the popular Primitive War book series written by Ethan Pettus. If this is done right and the special effects are Jurassic World worthy, then this might be one of the greatest mash ups of genres ever to hit the big screen. I mean Vietnam War movies are my jam alone but if you throw in primitive beasts into the equation then there is now telling how awesome this could be.

The official plot for the film will “follow a search and rescue team known as Vulture Squad sent to an isolated jungle valley to reveal the fate of a missing Green Beret platoon. As they hunt through the primordial depths of the valley and the casualties mount, the Vulture Squad members must embrace their savage instincts to survive the horrors they face, including the ultimate Apex predators, dinosaurs.”

The reports are saying that development of the Primitive War is well underway and casting announcements will be made soon. The film is set to go in front of the cameras sometime later this year.

“Dinosaurs in the Vietnam war? What’s not to love about that concept?!” Luke Sparke stated in the THR article. “When I first heard about the books, I loved the ideas and concepts Ethan brought into them, and we’re shaping our film version into an exciting survival-horror film.” Primitive War author Ethan Pettus added, “It’s a dream come true. Primitive War is a story that’s larger than life, and I think Luke and his team can make it into a cinematic masterpiece.” 

I didn’t know about these books but when I’m better, I’m certainly going to check them out because this just sounds like a whole lot of bad ass. This is helped by the fact that Luke Sparke is set to control the production. If you don’t know who he is, then let me tell you. Sparke is best known for writing and directing the awesome sci-fi action films Occupation and Occupation: Rainfall which were Australian movies that had survivors taking on an alien invasion. The first film was a lower budgeted affair which stood out and the sequel was more massive in scope and execution. To put it simply, this is the right man for the job.

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