UPDATE: Netflix Unveils the New Trailer for THE ADAM PROJECT Starring Ryan Reynolds!

By: John M Jerva

Netflix has officially unveiled the brand new trailer and key art for Ryan Reynolds newest sci-fi action-thriller The Adam Project.

(Original Post) Ryan Reynolds is really becoming the poster child for Netflix original movies. The Hollywood A lister is really shelling out some blockbuster entertainment for the streaming service even if they aren’t met with the greatest of reviews but you can’t deny that they should probably be playing in a theater.

After his recent success with Red Notice, also starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Gal Gadot, Reynolds is back this March on Netflix with a sci-fi actioner called The Adam Project which sees him teaming up with his younger self to save the world.

The Adam Project sees Ryan Reynolds playing Adam Reed, “a wounded time traveler from 2050 who has ventured into the past on a rogue rescue mission to search for Laura (Zoe Saldana), the woman he loves, who got lost in the time-space continuum under mysterious circumstances. When Adam’s ship gets damaged, he’s sent spiraling back to 2022, and the only place he knows from this era of his life: home.”

Netflix has just dropped fresh images for the film which boasts a pretty solid cast including Zoe Saldana, Walker Scobell (the younger Adam) and the MCU’s Mark Ruffalo who plays Adam Reed’s father, a scientist who devises time travel technology but unfortunately doesn’t live long enough to see the finished product. Jennifer Garner is also cast as Adam’s mother. She has a very tough job in trying to raise young Adam after her husband dies.

Check out the new images below!

Reynolds looks to be in top form here and you pretty much know what you’re going to get from the man. The Adam Project does look like it’s going to do something different hopefully and it’s a film that is close to Reynolds.

The Adam Project hits Netflix on March 11th so expect a trailer to hit soon.

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