Jake Gyllenhaal is Ready to Feel the Need for Speed in His Upcoming Action-Thriller CUT AND RUN

By: John M Jerva

Don’t look now but Jake Gyllenhaal is a leading contender for new action hero status as the Hollywood A lister is ready to be seen in Universal Pictures’ upcoming thriller Ambulance. Let’s not forget about his upcoming Afghan war thriller from director Guy Ritchie. Did I mention that he’ll still be seen in the long in development actioner The Division from director David Leitch which is based on the best selling video game? Yeah, Gyllenhaal is definitely earning his stunt work stripes with his current slate of flicks.

Well you can add the new action-thriller Cut and Run to his current action film filmography which will see Jake starring in a film that deals with:

“A group of thieves who use high-powered speed boats to rob super-yachts. Their caper takes a turn when they steal the wrong thing from the wrong group of people.”

Gyllenhaal will also produce the heist thriller via his Nine Stories Productions banner which saw New Republic Pictures wining the rights to in a bidding war. John Glenn will pen the script and will also produce along with New Republic founder Brian Oliver and president Bradley Fischer.

Not much else is known about the project but my money is on Gyllenhaal playing the leader of the group of high speed thieves who get in over their heads. Think Top Gun on the water.

Who knows when The Division will ever get made as that one’s been kicking around forever and that Guy Ritchie war film was just recently announced so don’t hold your breath for either of those or this one for that matter. Ambulance is set to hit theaters on April 8th so at least that one is in the near future.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more 411 to follow as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!

Source: Variety

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