DEATH VALLEY: Elite Operatives Face the Ultimate Horror in Shudder’s New Horror Pic Dropping this December!

By: John M Jerva

The horror streaming service Shudder has dropped an all-new bloody trailer for their newest acquisition hitting in December. Titled Death Valley, the film tells the story of a team of elite operatives who must face the ultimate horror when they are tasked with saving a scientist who is trapped inside a secured facility. Needless to say, just like in the film’s tag line…”the mission has gone to hell.”

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: When a secret experiment goes horribly wrong, bioengineer Dr. Chloe (Kaster) becomes trapped inside a secret underground facility. With only 24 hours before a fatal decontamination protocol destroys the entire lab, Chloe deploys an emergency distress signal before a terrifying creature (Matthew Ninaber) of unknown origin can consume what’s left of her. Alerted by the distress beacon, battle-weary guns for hire, Marshall (Mitchell) and Beckett (Jeremy Ninaber) are commissioned to carry out a covert operation to extract the imprisoned scientist. Upon deployment, the team is ambushed by another heavily armed militia hell-bent on finding a way into the compound themselves. Severely outnumbered, the mercenaries find entry to the bunker through an unsealed emergency hatch only to find themselves in a horrific fight for survival. With time and ammunition running out, the team must locate Dr. Chloe while also navigating the underground maze of corridors before they’re hunted down one by one.

Nothing says happy holidays like buckets of blood and creature carnage. Upon viewing the above new trailer, fans can expect a bloody and gory mash up of genres with extreme violence and hardened battle action with some impressive action set pieces for an indie horror/thriller. I love me some mercenaries versus monster mayhem so I’ll be reviewing this one for damn sure.

Helmed by Matthew Ninaber, who also penned the script, Death Valley stars Jeremy Ninaber (Escape the Dark) stars alongside Ethan Mitchell (Escape the Dark) and Kristen Kaster (If I Should Die) with Ninbar also playing the said monster in the flick. Fun fact, Ninbar also portrayed the monster in Psycho Gorman which has received some rave reviews since it was released.

Shudder will launch Death Valley on December 9th which is a day before my birthday so I’ll definitely put this one on my viewing list. Merry Christmas and happy holidays everybody!

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