THE HANDLER: He’ll Do What It Takes to Get the Job Done in the New Actioner from Uncork’d Entertainment!

By: John M Jerva

The fine folks over at Uncork’d Entertainment have launched their next campaign for the indie actioner The Handler. Chris Levine (No Way Out, “Charlie’s Angels”) headlines the movie which sees him playing a war vet who takes on the mob when he wants out. Our hero is under siege when an army comes calling to take him out and now he must reactive his skills to stay alive. Plenty of brutality and mayhem ensues so check out the goods below!

Ryker is a recently returned to home vet who is struggling for money to take care of his wife and child. He gets in touch with Vinnie, a mob boss, who helps him, but Ryker soon wants out and when Vinnie doesn’t allow it. Ryker purposely throws a job and Vinnie seeks to take Ryker out in any way possible.

The Handler was written and directed by Michael Matteo Rossi (Chase, Misogynist).

Chris Levine (No Way Out, “Charlie’s Angels”) headlines an electrifying cast that also includes YouTube personality Tyrone Magnus, Rachel Alig (Digging to Death), Jazsmin Lewis (the Barbershopfranchise) Cathy Baron (“Justified”), Matt Erdems (Checkmate), Michael Pashan (No Loose Ends), and Adam Carbone (“Gotham”).

The thrilling, action-packed The Handler, directed by Michael Matteo Rossi and starring Chris Levine, will be available on DVD, Digital & On Demand December 7 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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