LAST MAN DOWN: The Newest Fan Made Poster Throws it Back to the 80’s for the Upcoming Action-Thriller

By: John M Jerva

The next coming weeks are actually going to be a good ones for action genre geeks as there is some really interesting titles to choose from. Fans have One Shot with Scott Adkins dropping on November 5th as well as director Jesse V Johnson’s latest action endeavor, the WWII pic Hell Hath No Fury hitting the same day. That right there is enough adrenaline charged bang for your buck if that was it.

Well we have another contender for a bloody good streaming pick good time and this one drops earlier next week on October 19th. I’m talking about the throwback style looking action-thriller Last Man Down starring former body building champ turned action star Daniel Stisen.

The trailer for this one has enough firepower to satisfy a bloodthirsty crowd and Stisen just might be a new contender for action star of the year when this one hits in less than a week.

A new fan made poster is making the rounds for the film that definitely gives it an 80’s vibe and I believe they should use this for any box cover art in the future instead of the other one that hit. Peek at it below courtesy of Stisen on Facebook!

Here is our latest fan-made poster for “Last Man Down”, inspired by the classic posters from the 1980s. Created by the talented artist @marianomattosart
Last Man Down starring Daniel Stisen as John Wood. Directed by Fansu Film. Distribution in US Saban Films, US-release date 19th of October
DanielStisen #LastManDown

After civilization succumbs to a deadly pandemic and his wife is murdered, John Wood – a special forces soldier – abandons his duty and becomes a hermit in the Nordic wilderness. Years later, a wounded woman appears on his doorstep. Maria Johnson is an escaped lab rat, and her pursuers believe her blood is the key to a worldwide cure. Though John is hesitant to get involved, all doubts are cast aside when he discovers Maria’s pursuer is none other than Commander Stone, the man that murdered his wife some years ago.

The plot does the pandemic and one woman who can save us all once again but I feel it’s the action and stunts we are here to see. Add in a revenge motif and we have a sure fire recipe for maximum carnage. The above teaser definitely sells it.

Helmed by Fansu Njie, Former bodybuilding champ Daniel Stisen is front and center as the lone wolf warrior who takes on an army to do the right thing. There’s no shortage of hard to the bone action to be had from the initial teaser so this one looks like a good time view on a Saturday night. Stisen looks pretty damn good in the fierce former soldier role as well so I’ll give it a look for sure as this type of movie is right in my wheelhouse.

The look and feel of the movie definitely has a throwback 80’s, 90’s vibe to it and Stisen looks like a awesome cross between Paul Bunyan and Rambo so that right there makes for interesting viewing.

Last Man Down hits Digital and On Demand on October 19th!

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